"Steel" Yourself – Latest Legion of Honor Winner

January 2, 2014

01artsbeat-steel-articleInlineIn 2002 American author Danielle Steel was named an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters, France’s top cultural honor. Now she can add the Legion of Honor, France’s highest award, to her accolades. Other Americans who have won the Legion of Honor include Douglas MacArthur, Julia Child, Walt Disney, Alan Greenspan and Bob Dylan. In an earlier comment, Ms. Steel said: “Well, I always go back to the classics. I love French literature. Colette is a special favorite of mine.” You can read more in this NYT article. And check out the EPL catalog for her many novels.


The French Resistance (to e-books)?

February 13, 2013


This article from readwrite.com highlights a fascinating question: If everyone is exposed to technology, do we all (globally) react the same way? Can there be a cultural reaction to digital media?      

The author, Dave Copeland, points out that on a recent visit to France he witnessed much less e-reading than he’s accustomed to in the States. This, despite the fact that the French are avid readers of books and magazines. Believe it or not, everyone did not walk down the street with their eyes glued to a screen!

The author suggests that government support for bookstores plus the publishers’ ability to set e-book pricing accounts for some of the differences he saw. Still, he thinks that marketing for digital publishing will have to figure in cultural preferences. Something to consider as you munch on a croissant and sip your cafe!

Shira S.

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