How To Listen to a Podcast

Podcast IconHow To Listen to a Podcast

With the launching of the Evanston Public Library’s podcast, The Check Out, it’s time for a review of how to use this wonderful entertainment and communication tool, the podcast. Think of it as the key to an incredible new treasury of ideas, advice, and entertainment, like a radio station where you get to choose what to hear and when to hear it. It’s as easy as A,B,C.

A. Click on a podcasting site on your computer, smart phone, or tablet by way of the app called Podcasts. It looks like an upside-down exclamation mark with two circles around it.

B. Search for a specific podcast or browse in categories that interest you. You can click on the link for each podcast you want. You can listen right away on your computer (Windows, Mac and Linux support podcasting) or download the podcast to your portable tablet or phone.

C. You can subscribe to get a podcast on a regular basis. For example, as a subscriber, you will receive The Check Out regularly, every two weeks during its season.

Listen to your choice of podcasts whenever and wherever you’d like: at home, in the car, in the gym, walking down the street. How to choose what to listen to? It’s up to you. Ask us for recommendations!

The Check Out is a podcast of Evanston Public Library that introduces listeners to Evanston residents or people working in Evanston who are actively engaged in making the community better, and other noteworthy pursuits. The first season of The Check Out launched in January 2020. Podcast

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