Books are in Style at Macy's

September 20, 2012

Barbara’s Bookstore, headquartered in Chicago, will be expanding  their presence in Macy’s nationally starting next year, according to PW. This summer 40 stores around the country have opened patterned after the Chicago State Street setup. These are modest 1600 sq. ft. operations that will provide a small book area, but nothing close to a full size bookstore like Border’s, cautions Barbara’s co-owner, Don Barliant.

Still, for those of us saddened by the closing of bookstores, any expansion can be a reason to celebrate. Or perhaps another reason to shop for shoes?

Shira S.

Where Do Fashion, Libraries, and Chicago Intersect?

September 25, 2011

I did a real double take recently. The CTA bus in my neighborhood showed photos of designer Karl Lagerfeld’s library as the backdrop for supermodel Coco Rocha and his new line for Macy’s called “Impulse.” (above) How did I recognize the bookcases? They were clearly from the same setting I saw in my Off the Shelf post from a couple of weeks ago, “Deluxe Designs for Library Lovers.”

To justify this fun and quirky discovery, here are some links to fashion design and modeling books that we own at EPL. Pleasant surprise: hot new editions right off the catwalk! (Hint: try searching with keywords fashion, fashion design, modeling, and/or career.)

Shira S.

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