An Interview with Nina Sankovitch

July 31, 2011

Author Nina Sankovitch read at EPL on July 14th.

Nina Sankovitch has always been a book lover, and now she’s an author as well.  In June the former Evanstonian celebrated the publication of her debut book Tolstoy and the Purple Chair – an inspiring memoir that recounts her year spent reading one book a day in order to heal from her older sister’s tragic death.  Moving and insightful, Purple Chair has been lauded by of the L.A. Times, O Magazine, and Publisher’s Weekly who called it “an entertaining bibliophile’s dream… [that] champions the act of reading not as an indulgence but as a necessity.”  On July 14th Ms. Sankovitch visited EPL to read from Tolstoy and the Purple Chair, and as an encore, she recently spoke with us via email about how her reading journey evolved into a book, the pleasures and perils of sharing books, Purple Chair’s life lessons, and letters as an “endangered species.”

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Library of America Goes With the Zeitgeist

April 1, 2011

It looks like Library of America, the venerable publisher of classic American literature, will give in and start publishing books of greater interest to the general public. LOA announced today that it would publish volumes of Paris Hilton’s and William Shatner’s memoirs, and possibly those of Jersey Shore’s Snooki (Nicole Polizzi). If the plan proves fruitful for the publisher, there’s no telling who might come next. Charlie Sheen? Britney Spears? Chris Brown? Lindsay Lohan? The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned.

Mary B., Reader’s Services

An Interview with Suzanne Clores

March 9, 2011

Author Suzanne Clores

Suzanne Clores has good reason to celebrate.  A Chicago-based writer and editor who has taught at both DePaul and Northwestern Universities, she recently marked the ten-year publication anniversary of her book Memoirs of a Spiritual Outsider with its Kindle-edition release.  In Spiritual Outsider, Clores undertakes an enlightening exploration of Wicca, Shamanism, Yoga, Vodou, Sufism, and Buddhism on her quest to fill a spiritual void left by her Catholic upbringing.  Written with honesty and heart, Spiritual Outsider is one women’s openminded search for a deeper, more meaningful life.  On Sunday, March 13th, you can hear Ms. Clores read from Spiritual Outsider as well as a new work-in-progress when she visits EPL’s 1st Floor Community Meeting Room at 2 p.m. along with fellow local authors Pamela Ferdinand and Cristine Sneed.  In anticipation of her visit, we recently spoke with her via email about Spiritual Outsider’s anniversary, her continued spiritual journey, and her upcoming novel The Greatest of EaseContinue reading “An Interview with Suzanne Clores”

An Interview with Pamela Ferdinand

March 5, 2011

"Three Wishes" author Pamela Ferdinand

Pamela Ferdinand is an award-winning journalist who covered breaking news for The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and Washington Post for over a decade.  She is a former adjunct journalism professor at Boston University, has written on wide-ranging topics for The Economist and National Geographic News, and most recently, co-authored the empowering memoir Three Wishes: A True Story of Good Friends, Crushing Heartbreak, and Astonishing Luck on Our Way to Love and Motherhood.  Picked as a “Tome of the Brave” by Oprah’s O Magazine, Three Wishes is the candid, braided story of how Ferdinand and friends Carey Goldberg and Beth Jones sought their dreams of motherhood with the help of eight shared vials of donor sperm rather than waiting for Prince Charming to arrive.  With the talisman of Donor 8282, the trio soon found unexpected luck and love while navigating the compromises and complications inherent in becoming mothers.  On Sunday, March 13th, you can hear Ms. Ferdinand read from Three Wishes when she visits EPL’s 1st Floor Community Meeting Room at 2 p.m. along with fellow local authors Christine Sneed and Suzanne Clores.  In anticipation of her visit, we recently spoke with her via email about appearing on the Today show, the realities of motherhood, her enduring friendship with Goldberg and Jones, and Three Wishes going to Hollywood . 

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