Early Reactions to Pottermore Website

August 18, 2011

According to EarlyWord,          Entertainment Weekly was one of a million chosen testers of the new interactive Harry Potter website, Pottermore. So, what’s the verdict?

” While it won’t let you apparate or play Quidditch (there are leagues for that already), J.K. Rowling’s new interactive website Pottermore will at least let you experience some of the fun of living in the world of Harry Potter.”  Sounds perfectly spellbinding! As mentioned on Off the Shelf previously, the website should be up and running in October.

Shira S.

It All Ends 7.15

June 21, 2011

Or so says the Warner Brothers poster for the July 15th release of the final film in the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2.

But for diehard HP fans (and yours truly here may be among the oldest), it will never end. The multitude of excellent websites available to fans of J. K. Rowling’s addictive books are as active as ever with essays, discussions, debates, side stories, fan fiction offerings, trivia quizzes, and more. My personal favorite is the HP Lexicon, which offers extensive resources for reviewing plot, characters, time lines, essays, magical terminology, and much more. It’s my “go to” site for any question involving HP that I don’t know the answer to outright.  Rowling herself has hosted a wonderfully fun and challenging interactive site, and has just announced the creation of a new site:  pottermore.com. These articles from USA Today and the The Telegraph report what’s known so far about the new site. Rowling will make an official announcement about this new Potter project on Thursday, July 23.  Alas, to those fans who hope the new site might mean an eighth Harry Potter book is in the works, Rowling still holds that she had always planned Harry Potter as a 7-book story and that’s what it will stay.

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Barbara L.

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