Individual Opens Public Library in his Home

September 24, 2012

A man in Manila is so committed to reading that he has turned his home into a lending library. In fact, he encourages people to take books and keep them. He isn’t worried about losses because he believes that whatever he gives away will be replaced many times over. Hernando Guanlao has racks of books outside his home and tells folks to help themselves– and they do! See this video from HuffPost to see how Guanlao has created a unique reading center for adults and children.

Shira S.

Poetry on Call: "Dial-a-Poem" at MoMA NYC

May 22, 2012

Poetry fans who miss National Poetry Month (April) can indulge again now that the Museum of Modern Art in NYC has installed 4 telephones for visitors to call and hear a poet reading his/her poetry. There’s also an outside number in case getting to the museum is not in your plans. Dial 347-POET001 to hear John Ashbery, Deborah Harry, John Cage, and others. Here’s a link to the website, “Ecstatic Alphabet/Heaps of Language.”

Shira S.

A Valentine to Libraries

February 21, 2012

Huffington Post recently asked for people’s attitudes toward their libraries. They assembled a collection of affectionate tweets explaining just what  they love about their local library. One comment I especially liked: “…the quiet mystery of absorbed & oblivious readers.” In a world where many are concerned about people becoming oblivious and indifferent to each other, a common theme was the view of a library as a public place to mingle with different types. Would you care to add a tweet of your own?

Shira S.

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