Library Cards and Accounts Policy

7.0 Library Cards and Accounts Policy

7.1.1 Evanston Residents

Evanston Public Library cards are free of charge to all Evanston residents living in zip codes 60201, 60202 and 60208. To verify residence, current government-issued photo identification with the resident’s home address must be provided. A current school issued ID from an educational institution located in Evanston may be provided in place of government issued identification when necessary.

If the address on the identification is not current, one of the following items must also be shown to verify residence: current property tax bill; a current utility bill; a current title/lease/renter’s agreement; current account statement from bank/credit card/phone/etc; or mail postmarked within the last 30 days to the resident’s home address. An account statement or bill must be not more than sixty days old.

At the time of registration for a library card, the applicant will provide the following information: legal name, street address (PO Boxes are not acceptable), and signature. Applicants may choose to include date of birth, as well as demographic information related to race/ethnicity and language spoken at home. Additionally, to receive some notifications, a telephone number, email address, and wireless carrier information may need to be provided.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must present photo identification as described above.

These cards will be valid for three-years. Library cards issued to Evanston residents will automatically renew every 3 years so long as the patron maintains residency in Evanston. Patrons may need to provide current photo identification as listed above in order to renew their library card if the Library is unable to verify their residency.

7.1.2 Residents of Temporary Housing in Evanston

Clients of temporary housing in Evanston must present valid picture identification as listed in 7.1.1 and a letter from the local organization indicating they are a client.

These cards will be valid for three years.

7.1.3 University and College Students

College and university students who do not have a permanent residence in Evanston must provide both their temporary Evanston residency and permanent residency when not at school.

These cards will be valid for one year.

7.1.4 Library Card Terms

Each library cardholder must safeguard their own library card. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the Library to prevent unauthorized use. A patron may grant permission to other individuals who may use their library card for checking out materials or managing activity of the account. Cardholders are responsible for all materials checked out on their library cards.

7.2 Types of Library Cards & Accounts

7.2.1 City of Evanston Employee Cards

An Evanston library card may be issued to each non-resident employee of the City of Evanston. This card will become void when the employee no longer works for the City of Evanston. This card is only valid at Evanston Public Library Branches.

7.2.2 Non-Resident Taxpayers

Library cards are available without charge to people who pay Evanston property taxes, but do not live within the City limits including; an individual or as a partner, principal stockholder, or other joint owner owns taxable property or is a senior administrative officer of a firm, business, or other corporation owning taxable property in Evanston. Only one card will be issued for each parcel of property. Applicants should present their current tax bill and acceptable identification as described above.

Such cards are valid for one year and may only be used at the Evanston Public Library.

7.2.3 Business Borrowing Privileges

Library borrowing privileges may be extended to businesses located in Evanston. The applicant must be the sole owner, a partner, principal stock holder, joint owner, or senior administrative officer of a firm, business, or corporation located in Evanston. The applicant must present a letter on the organization’s letterhead indicating that the organization will take responsibility for all materials borrowed and indicating who in the firm is authorized to borrow materials.

Such cards are valid for one year and may only be used at the Evanston Public Library.

7.2.4 Organizational Borrowing Privileges

Not-for-profit organizations and units of local government located in Evanston may obtain library-borrowing privileges by presenting a letter on organizational letterhead indicating that the organization will take responsibility for all materials borrowed and indicating who in the organization is authorized to borrow materials.

Such cards are valid for one year and may only be used at the Evanston Public Library.

7.2.5 School Borrowing Privileges

Library borrowing privileges may be extended to District 65 schools, Evanston Township High School and other schools located in Evanston. To receive a school card, the school principal shall complete an application form, attach a list of teachers and/or staff eligible to use the card and return the form to the Library. These cards are only valid for use at the Evanston Public Library. The school card will expire at the end of the school year.

7.2.6 Non-Resident ”Fee” Cards

Non-residents may purchase a library card for use at the Evanston Public Library if such non-residents are eligible for an Evanston Public Library card under the current State of Illinois rules and regulations governing the issuing of such cards. The minimum fee for such a card is determined by a formula prepared by the Illinois State Library. The Library Director calculates said fee annually and reports it to the Library Board at the April meeting. When necessary the Library Board will adjust the non-resident fee to equal or exceed the fee determined by the Illinois State Library formula.

The applicant for a non-resident card must meet the same identification requirements as a resident of Evanston. Such cards may only be valid for one year and may only be used at the Evanston Public Library.

7.2.7 Registration of Reciprocal Borrowers

The Evanston Public Library will register for use any currently valid library card from a Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) library or from any library having reciprocal borrowing agreements with RAILS or with the Evanston Public Library. In addition to presenting a currently valid library card, the applicant must also present valid photo identification.

7.3 Account Suspensions, Denials and Appeals

7.3 .1 Library Card Account Suspension

The Evanston Public Library reserves the right to suspend the Library card account for violation of library rules or in other instances determined by the Library’s Administration.

7.3.2 Appeals

Anyone who believes that they have been unfairly suspended or denied a library card and is not satisfied by the decision made by the Library Director or designee, may appeal to the Library Board. Notice of an appeal should be made in writing to the Library Director, who will inform the appellant of the date of the meeting at which the appeal will be heard.

7.4 Fees and Issues with Library Materials

7.4.1 Borrowers with Overdue Items or Bills

The Library notifies patrons by email or phone call prior to an item’s due date and notifies patrons by email or phone call when items are overdue. These notices are sent as a courtesy to patrons and bills or fees accrued are due to the Library whether or not the patron sees or receives any notice. It is each patron’s responsibility to return items before or when due.

Bills or Fees may be waived by the Access Services Manager or designee when, in their judgment, there are mitigating circumstances. It is the goal of the Library to assist patrons in maintaining valid accounts so cardholders have access to all services.

Patrons are not permitted to check out physical library materials or renew their library account when they have long-overdue materials, owe bills or fees that total $10.00 or more. Library materials are considered lost when they are 45 days overdue. Patrons are expected to pay for the replacement of lost materials. An additional processing fee is also charged for lost materials. Refunds are made if lost materials are returned in good condition to the Library within 365 days after items are billed. The processing fee is not refundable.

The Library makes use of a collection service to obtain the return of or payment for billed library materials. Accounts will be sent to collections if the total amount billed is over $25 and an additional $10 collection service fee will be applied.

When informed that a patron has overdue books or owes fines at another library, the Evanston Public Library may deny borrowing privileges until those materials are returned or the debt is paid.

7.4.2 Borrowers with Damaged or Missing Materials

There is no charge for normal wear and tear on any item. If an item is damaged by a patron so that further circulation is impossible, the patron is charged the full replacement price of the item plus a processing fee. The Access Services Manager or their designee determines the charge for damage that can be repaired. Patrons may replace lost or damaged books owned by the Evanston Public Library with a new book that is an exact ISBN match. Replacement items must be new and not used or marked. Otherwise patrons are to pay the specified replacement fee. In either case, a processing fee is assessed.

The Evanston Public Library does not accept replacements for non-print material.

Damage to material is assumed to be accidental unless there is reason to suspect otherwise. Patrons found defacing or destroying library materials are required to pay for the items plus a processing fee. Suspension of Library privileges and legal action may be taken if the damage is extensive.

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