Evanston Public Library
Board of Trustees
Committee Membership 

Executive Committee
Tracy Fulce (Chair as President)
Rachel Hayman (as Vice President)
Terry Soto (as Secretary)
Benjamin Schapiro (as Treasurer)

Finance Committee
Benjamin Schapiro (as Treasurer)
Shawn Iles (Ex-Officio)

Management Committee
Adam Goodman (Chair)
Margaret Lurie

Facilities Committee
Benjamin Schapiro

Development Committee
Margaret Lurie (Chair)
Rachel Hayman

Endowment Investment Committee
Benjamin Schapiro (Chair as Treasurer)
Shawn Iles

Board Development Committee
Rachel Hayman

Reimagine Campaign Committee
Rachel Hayman (Co-chair)
Margaret Lurie (Co-chair)

Liaison to Evanston Nursery and Pre-K Schools
Rachel Hayman

Liaison to School District 65 and Evanston Township High School District 202
To be appointed

Liaison to Evanston Northwestern University
Adam Goodman

Partners of the Evanston Public Library
Shawn Iles

Racial Equity Taskforce
Tracy Fulce
Terry Soto

Board Nominating Committee
Appointed each April

Director Evaluation Committee
Adam Goodman (Chair)
To be appointed

As of April 2022

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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