6.1 Appointments
The Public Library is a department of the City of Evanston and all employees are City employees. The Library Director, a City department head, is appointed by and reports to the Evanston Public Library Board of Trustees. The City’s Director of Human Resources, upon recommendation of the Library Director, appoints other members of the Library staff. The City personnel policies govern the employees; copies of these policies are available in the Library’s Administrative Office.

6.2 Conference Attendance
The Library Board encourages staff participation and attendance in professional library activities in the area. Whenever possible, time with pay is allowed to staff members to attend such meetings. Requests for permissions to attend are made to the Library Director through one’s supervisor.

The Library staff is encouraged to belong to and to participate in the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association. The Library will contribute toward the expenses of officially designated representatives as the budget permits. Those who take an active part in the meetings and are involved in the preparation of papers or the organization of committee work will be given priority. Requests for attendance and financial assistance are made to the Library Director through one’s supervisor.
Board members are encouraged to take part in the trustee activities of the Illinois Library Association, the North Suburban Library System, and the American Library Association. In certain circumstances the Board may support this participation by reimbursing some or all expenses.

The Library Director is expected to attend, with expenses reimbursed, the meetings of the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association.

6.3 Employee Recognition Program
The Evanston Public Library Board of Trustees establishes an employee recognition program that will recognize employees with ten and fifteen years of employment in the Library.

6.4 Professional Ethics
The Evanston Public Library Board of Trustees endorses theALA Statement of Professional Ethics and incorporates it as part of this policy. Members of the Library’s staff are expected to follow the ethical precepts set forth in this statement

8. Volunteers
The Evanston Public Library benefits from the efforts of numerous volunteers. It is the intention of the Library Board of Trustees that volunteer assistance should be supplementary and used primarily to enhance the Library’s programs and services. Volunteers are not used to replace paid Library staff in the provision of basic library services.

The Library Director shall be responsible for regularly acknowledging and thanking all volunteers. Any costs associated with the recognition of volunteers shall be charged to book sale funds or revolving interest. The Library Board shall approve expenses in excess of $500.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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