Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2021: Nonfiction for Older Readers

October 18, 2021

Nonfiction for Older Readers

94. Escape at 10,000 Feet (Unsolved Case Files) by Tom Sullivan / Jailbreak at Alcatraz (Unsolved Case Files) by Tom Sullivan

In 1962 three men made an impossible escape from the notorious island prison Alcatraz. The case remains unsolved. Later in 1971 a man hijacked a plane and stole $200,000 before parachuting out. He was never found. Read their stories and try to solve the mysteries for yourself!  x364.15 Sulli.T & x365.641 Sulli.T

95. The Genius Under the Table: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain by Eugene Yelchin 

Poor Yevgeny. Growing up in Cold War Russia, all he wants is to find his talent, the way his figure-skating older brother has. But nothing Yevgeny does ever seems to turn out well. Will he ever find his genius gift? xBiog Yelch.E Yelch.E

96. Gone to the Woods: Surviving a Lost Childhood by Gary Paulsen

The author of Hatchet recounts the true tale of his own survival. A gripping story of formative experiences and, ultimately, hope. xBiog Pauls.G Pauls.G

97. How to Change Everything: The Young Human’s Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other by Naomi Klein

A terrific, incendiary book that tells it like it is! Complex issues get broken down, showing what young people around the world are doing to protect the environment for future generations to come. x363.73874 Klein.N

98. Planet Ocean: Why We All Need a Healthy Ocean by Patricia Newman, photos by Annie Crawley

From the Coral Triangle near Indonesia and the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest to the Arctic Ocean at the top of the world, find out how local people are leading the way to reverse the ways in which humans have harmed the ocean. x551.46 Newma.P

99. Race Against Time: The Untold Story of Scipio Jones and the Battle to Save Twelve Innocent Men by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace

In 1919, twelve innocent Black men sat on death row, their fate sealed. In this gripping thriller, it took the smarts and resourcefulness of African-American lawyer, Scipio Jones, to free them. A pulse-pounding look at history with a happy ending. x976.788 Walla.S

100. A Shot in the Arm! (Big Ideas That Changed the World) by Don Brown

From smallpox to measles, from polio to COVID-19, we owe vaccines a lot. Take a trip back in time to see where they came from, how they work, and why we need them right now more than ever. JGraphic Brown.D

101. While I Was Away by Waka T. Brown

Waka’s plans for the summer are completely uprooted when her mom sends her off to Japan to live with her grandmother. Worse, can you imagine spending your whole summer in school? A funny, fantastic memoir.J Brown.W


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Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2020: Nonfiction for Older Readers

November 6, 2020

Nonfiction for Older Readers


95. All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys’ Soccer Team by Christina Soontornvat.

In 2018, saving twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped in a Thai cave became a worldwide rescue effort. This account chronicles how the plan came together and offers a rewarding Thai perspective along the way. Call Number: x796.525 Soont.C


96. The Bird in Me Flies by Sara Lundberg, translated by B.J. Epstein.

Berta may be just a farm girl, but she desperately yearns to be an artist. But in 1920s Sweden, a dream like that is impossible . . . or is it? Call Number: J Lundb.S


97. Darwin’s Rival: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Search for Evolution by Christiane Dorion, ill. Harry Tennant.

Living a life of adventure and exploration, this canny scientist helped Darwin unlock the secrets of evolution, though his name is practically lost to history today. Call Number: xBiog Walla.A Dorio.C

98. The Eagle Huntress: The True Story of the Girl Who Soared Above Expectations by Aisholpan Nurgaiv with Liz Welch.

The long tradition of Kazakh eagle training has always been handed down from father to son. Now meet Aisholpan, the girl who lives to defy expectations. Call Number: xBiog Aisho.N Aisho.N

Want to see the documentary they made about Aisholpan? You can check out the DVD here.


99. A Sporting Chance: How Ludwig Guttmann Created the Paralympic Games by Lori Alexander, ill. Allan Drummond.

In the mid-1900s, a time when disabled people with spinal injuries had little hope, doctor Ludwig Guttmann discovered ways to help them not only survive but thrive. His efforts led to the creation of the wildly popular Paralympic Games. Call Number: xBiog Guttm.L Alexa.L


100. The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love & Truth, edited by Wade and Cheryl Willis Hudson.

Thirty excellent authors and artists from different backgrounds talk about how to be anti-racist in a series of powerful short essays, stories, poems, and illustrations. Call Number: x305.8 Talk


101. Tracking Pythons: The Quest to Catch an Invasive Predator and Save an Ecosystem by Kate Messner.

It’s a master of disguise, can swallow an entire baby deer, and is rapidly devouring the Florida natural wildlife. How do you stop an invasive species that’s practically invisible? These scientists may have found the answer. Call Number: x597.9678 Messn.K


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